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  • How should we dress for our portrait shoot?
    Generally, try to co-ordinate family outfits without looking too matchy. Pick a colour palette of 2-3 block colours, and minimise the amount of patterned clothes. Please avoid writing or logos on tops...this can be distracting on the eye. Try to avoid all of one colour, breaking it up with some accesories or another colour works well Accessorise with hats, jewellery and scarves. Colour and texture looks great! Show off your good bits and hide the bits you don't like so much. Ladies, wear your makeup a little darker than usual, and wear your hair down if it's not too windy. (Bring a hair tie, just in case) If you feel good, you will look good. If you look good, you will love your photos....Simple!
  • Can we choose the location for our shoot?
    Yes, absolutely! We have some favourite spots that we love to use, however we are always open to suggestion. We are spoilt for choice on the Gold Coast! Need some inspiration? Click HERE
  • What should we bring to our shoot?
    If you have smaller children, bring some noisy toys, bubbles or music to help make it fun. If you have props you'd like to use, bring them too. Kids may need some snacks too...posing for the camera can be hard work for little ones! Bring some treats or toys for your dog are they are coming along. A change of clothes can be great for some variety in your images too, don't be afraid to mix it up
  • How long will our photoshoot take?
    Your portrait shoot will take 1 hour, and usually starts 1 hour before the sunset, so that we can make the most of that soft afternoon light. Your newborn / lifestyle shoot takes between 1-3hours. This will allow for your baby to settle and feed etc. These shoots are normally done in the comfort of your own home if your new baby is still tiny.
  • Can we bring our pets along to the photoshoot?
    Yes, you sure can! We love it when you include your pets, and encourage you to do so! Bring some treats and their favourite noisy toy if they have one...this will help to get their attention.
  • What happens if it's raining on the day?
    If it is too wet to shoot we will have to reschedule. We love clouds, and think they look great in your photos.....but if it's beautiful golden light you are after, we can rebook for a sunnier day.
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